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  • About Me: I am a 7 year crypto researcher and one of the most active members of the ApeCoin DAO since it's inception, with over 80% voter participation rate.

  • Reasons for wanting to be a delegate: I have been proactive and helpful on Discourse since day one being the third member of the DAO to reach the "Regular" status. I am also a Steward of WG0 tasked with operationalizing and further decentralizing the DAO. I have put forward many AIPs, and have done a lot of the research that went into creating WG0 through AIP-196: BORED AIP.

  • My web3 qualifications / skills:

• I began contributing to DAOs starting in 2019 with MakerDAO. I helped with product feedback for their second product Multi Collateral DAI and the Collateralized Debt Position UI. I currently serve the ApeCoin DAO as a Steward of Working Group Zero.

• In January 2022, I acquired a position at Babylon Finance as their Community Manager where I created 3 investment clubs with unique strategies, and participated as a strategist in 2 others totaling an AUM of ~$2.4M on-chain. The vast majority of my experience can be verified on-chain through my public ENS: 0xamplify.eth or through DegenScore, Zapper, DeBank, etc.

  • What voters can expect of me: I am extremely knowledgeable about all facets of Web3 and like to remain realistic and practical when I review AIPs. I am very active in the discussions, and I regularly serve as a point of contact for AIP authors. I perform diligent outreach to learn all of the nuance and finer points of their proposals. I do this full-time, and have intentions to become a recognized ApeCoin DAO delegate in order to further our interests as a community, and champion a more liquid democracy.

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